Chairman’s Report.

Festival of the North including the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Northern Region, Easter 15th April until 18th April 2022 at Victoria Park, Southport.

Dear South Lancashire Centre Member,

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I write this Chairman’s Report in connection with the successful running of the above mentioned Rally, as you are no doubt aware the South Lancashire Centre was the Hosting Centre. In starting my report I would like to thank Suzanne and Susan for their support to Barrie and myself during the planning stages of the rally, to Barrie for his energies, not only during the planning stages of the Rally but also during the 10 days that we were at Victoria Park Southport. I would also like to thank the South Lancashire Centre Committee and their Partners for the work that they did prior to and during the Rally and last but not least to the many South Lancashire Centre members who volunteered during the rally to mange the Rally Office, site the caravans as they arrived, act as Fire Marshalls during the evenings entertainment and to run and manage the nightly children’s games (prior to the evenings entertainment), Bingo and quizzes, the Tea Dance, (afternoon tea being catered for by the North Yorkshire Centre), the Dog Show, the Charity Table Top sale, the Children’s Bike Ride, the Easter Egg Hunt the Fancy Dress, the selling of raffle tickets for the Rallies Charity Raffle and not forgetting the Easter Bonnet Parade, we all thank you for your time and efforts.

The Rally attracted over 260 No. family unit’s from all parts of England, Scotland and Wales which included a number of new ralliers. I am also happy to report that amongst the guests on the rally there were a number of Past Vice Chairman a serving Vice Chairman and Members and Past Members of the Executive of the Caravan and Mortorhome Club, together with members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Band. I mentioned earlier the rallies’ Charity Raffle and the amount raised, which this year was shared between the Festival of the North and the South Lancashire Centre Charity boosted our charity collections by a sum in excess of £300.00, the exact details of the sums raised for our charity will be provided in due course, but again to all those that contributed in any way to the success of the raffle thank you very much it is very much appreciated.

The Rally also shared a number of reported celebrations, the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Northern Region, for my part I celebrated my 75th Birthday on Good Friday and I thank you all for your cards and good wishes, a member of the Executive Committee Edward Baxter and his wife Barbara celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary and Sam Jackson celebrated his 80th Birthday on Easter Sunday and I know Sam received many cards and good wishes from the Rally. Whilst I am mentioning Sam it is my pleasure to be able to report to you that Sam and Lynn Jackson celebrated their 1000th Rally at Southport and were presented with a suitably engraved trophy/ clock to mark the occasion,

I can also advise you that a number of thank you cards and appreciation of thanks have been received thanking Team South Lancashire Centre for a splendid rally and a job well done.

Finally can I just remind you that the Charity Rally which is to be run over the weekend of the 6th until 8th May at Greaves Farm Cabus would if you have not already booked it would very much welcome your support, the Charity Chairman Mrs Jean Lee and Mrs Heather Buckley are taking booking.

Thank you for taking the time to read my report and I trust that you find it informative and I hope to see you all during the year on a Rally Field.

Best wishes


Chairman South Lancashire Centre CAMC


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