Do you want to run a rally? If so:

1 Firstly, contact our Rally Secretary in order to obtain a copy of the "Book of Notes and Guidance for Rally Officers".
2 Find a venue. If local authority or large organisation is involved the Centre Secretary will write officially on your behalf. The Rally Secretary will help you if you have any difficulty. The Rally Secretary has a file of venues, both at home and abroad.
3 Ask any committee member for the "Application for Rally" form. This must be completed and returned to the Rally Secretary no later than the A.G.M. Details of the site must be adequate. The name of the venue should be the location of the vans. If the Rally is to be held outside the centre's boundaries the Rally Secretary will need to apply to the other Centre for their approval under the Caravan Club Rule 4b. Where the Rally is to be held in a National Park or is longer than 5 nights (120 hours) duration it will be necessary to consult the Caravan Club Headquarters.
4 The committee will consider your request to run the Rally and will give provisional clearance if it fits into the programme being developed for the coming season.
5 The Rally Secretary will inform you if the Rally cannot be accepted.

Final approval is made at the Committee Meeting after the A.G.M.
6 Forms must not be issued for next season's rallies before the Rally Book is issued and subject to the restrictions on the early issue of forms set by the Centre Committee from time to time.
7 Rally Officers will be provided with a copy of the "Book of Notes and Guidance for Rally Officers" which details specifically the rules Rally Officers must observe when running rallies.
8 Rallies and events for the following year and up to March the year after, will be accepted after March in the current year. Please submit details on the form available from any Committee Member.


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