Committee 2006-2007



Left to Right:

Mr Colin Buckley Web Editor, Assistant Handbook Editor
Mrs Michelle Crofts Honorary Secretary, Northern Region Delegate
Mrs Susan Hutchinson Assistant Secretary
Mr Jim Winstanley Honorary Rally Secretary, Rally Book Editor
Mr Tony Crofts Vice Chairman, Centre Equipment Sales Controller.
Mrs Shelia Bennett Lancashire Wanderer Editor
Mr Damien Davies Chairman, Northern Centres/Region Representative
Mrs Helen Wincote-Hill Asset Register
Mr Tony Lee Honorary Treasurer
Mrs Annette Turner Northern Centres Booking Officer
Mr Phil Hayes Sports Officer, Advertising and Marketing
Mr Tony Hails Junior Liaison Officer, Children’s Liaison Officer
Mr Gerry Lunn Catering Equipment Sales, Flags, Poles & Signs
Joe Sherville (not pictured) Assistant Sports Officer

Immediate Past Chairman
Margaret Collings





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